Muharrem Kestel, İsa Korkmaz


Modernism, as a philosophy that is accepted to have started in the 17th century, has influenced various areas such as economy, politics, technology, literature and specifically education in line with the industrial revolution and enlightenment age. It is generally accepted that modernism has kept its overall effect on the mentioned areas until the end of the World War II and after that, it has started to lose its importance against postmodernism. In general perspective, postmodernism is regarded as a response against the shortcomings of modernism.  While modernism is based on rapidness, standardization, change, improvement and objective knowledge as a result of positivism and progressivism in education, postmodernism is based on the theory of relativity, which implies the fact that reality will change according to time, place and culture. This study, in the phenomenological design of qualitative research, aims to find out which of the philosophies (modernism and postmodernism) and in what way, has more or higher impact on the teachers’ views about knowledge, culture, values and human nature more. To this end, face to face interviews were conducted with the teachers of Turkish, Science and Social Studies lessons and the data obtained were analysed considering the main pillars of modernism and postmodernism.


Modernism, postmodernism, education, teachers’ views

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